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Hosting: Pastor Melinda Henderson

Pastor, missionary and inspirational speaker. Pastor Melinda currently lives in Vienna, Austria.  In 2017 she felt God gave her a vision of how to reach every woman and girl in Europe.

If we can INSPIRE one, then teach her to INSPIRE another then one by one we WILL INSPIRE this World with the hope of Jesus.

She is a 2 time cancer survivor, a leader to leaders and has marked the spiritual journey of 1000’s of women.  Her passion and faith to believe God in all things has given her countless opportunities to speak at International Conferences and preach on many platforms. Her greatest love is to see Jesus shine brightly in the life of every woman and girl.


Guglgasse 11, 1100

Entertainment Center, Gasometer.

Wien, Austria.


+43 660 7483211

[email protected]

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