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We’re Bringing The Party To You
INSPIRING the World Together!

After months of social distancing, it’s time to gather the women from your church, small group, or community for the first-ever INSPIRE Conference Live Simulcast. Two days of practical teaching where women can come together from all over the world in a setting of your choice, in a passionate pursuit of Christ.

What Is a Simulcast Conference?

The INSPIRE Simulcast Conference is a live video stream of the INSPIRE Conference which blends internet technology and coordinated remote participation in a unique interactive format at a low cost to groups, churches and organizations. INSPIRE will produce a live video feed from the live conference site and stream it over the internet to participating satellite locations. Each satellite host organizes the local aspects of their conference, including promotion.

Why Host a Simulcast Conference?

• You will provide an excellent live experience for your group, church, or area, at a
fraction of what it would cost to host one of your own.
• You will benefit from the extensive conference planning experience of the INSPIRE team.
• Your church or organization will experience a conference atmosphere, while
minimizing and streamlining the organization and cost that would normally be
involved in traveling together to a stand-alone conference.

Who Can Host?

• Churches, camps, para-church organizations or groups of all kinds.
• Anyone who desires to bring a group of Christian ladies together for a shared
learning experience.

Who Will Coordinate the Simulcast Site Event?

• The overall coordinator or host serves as the key or point person for the simulcast
site event and is the primary contact person with the general conference coordinators from the INSPIRE team. Each simulcast site will select their own coordinator/host.
• A technical coordinator who is computer and internet savvy has responsibility over all the technical side for the simulcast site. Since everything depends on a good
reception and projection of the video and audio feed, this area of the conference
needs focused attention. For groups larger than 10 people, we recommend that this
be a different person from the overall director. Each simulcast site will select their
own technical coordinator.

What About Time Zone Differences?

• Neighboring time zones can usually fit in with a 1 or 2 hour difference and benefit
from the conference.
• For those in distant time zones, we will provide a video recording of all the live
sessions, so that the conference can be held at a different time after the live
conference is over. While not actually live, the simulcast site experience will be
virtually the same, with the identical schedule and timing, and the video viewing will be identical to live stream viewing.

What Are the Technical Requirements?

• Streaming the live conference (or recording) is really not that difficult. Anyone who has ever watched a streaming video on their computer, laptop or mobile device can do it. The main things are finding a robust internet connection and being able to make it available for others to view it as well. Most of our “requirements” below have to do with the quality of the viewing.
• We will provide a password, where all the INSPIRE sessions can be streamed live
directly to your location.
• General requirements: Each site needs a computer with a recently upgraded
operating system, newer graphics card and high speed hard-wired internet
connection. Much of the success of the satellite experience will depend on the
quality of computer and internet connections.
• Screening: Large groups will need a video projector. For smaller groups, a large TV monitor may work. We recommend that you err on the side of a larger screen rather than a smaller screen.
• Testing: We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that each simulcast site test their setup well
BEFORE the conference begins. If you run into basic setup problems please ask for
help at least 24 hours before the conference. In the hour immediately preceding the
conference start time, a pre-recorded video will be played on a loop in the video feed.
This will allow testing of the video and audio feed,.
• Backup plan: Contingency plans should be in place for the unlikely case of
connection failure.

Physical Requirements

• One large room is needed where comfortable seating is available for viewing the
live stream.

• Handout masters will be provided for download which can be reproduced for the


• A detailed schedule will be sent to all coordinators in time for printing schedule or
• Some simulcast sites may prefer to use their own live worship team locally, or you
may choose to join in with the INSPIRE worship team via the live stream.
• Each site is encouraged to lead their own prayer times while the live stream prayer
time is going on in the background.


• Satellite coordinators may wish to enlist their own team of volunteers for greeting,
hosting, prayer time, etc.


• All graphics and promotional material will be provided for download.
• Banner graphics will be available for download and you can have banners printed
locally should you choose to use them.
• Each simulcast site is responsible for promoting the conference in its own area.
• All simulcast sites will be listed on the INSPIRE website, unless otherwise requested.
Registration and Simulcast Fees
• Each simulcast host must register on the INSPIRE site, no later than one week before the conference.
• Each location is responsible for covering its own expenses.
• The registration fee for each simulcast site is due at the time of registration.

• Satellite site costs are:
– €500 for up to 25 ladies
– €750 for 26 to 50 ladies
– €1000 for 50 or above

• If you are a ministry, you can sell tickets for your INSPIRE Simulcast Event! You can charge whatever you’d like, and keep the revenue.
• With the purchase of the INSPIRE Simulcast, you are not allowed to share or
distribute any of the recorded sessions to attendees or online.

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