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This is a call to you! Come join us in Vienna for INSPIRE 2019. Our 2018 was phenomenol! We know that we come from many countries, speak many different languages, are different in ages and life seasons but together we INSPIRE each other towards greatness.

You see there is greatness within you. Within YOU! We believe it! God declares it! Greatness to accomplish all you were designed to be. You can rise from your past, rise from your insecurities and soar to live a wonderful life. Come join us and let’s experience the power of God among us as women. Let’s gather like never before girls and make history for the sisterhood!

Together we RISE!

Melinda Henderson
INSPIRE conference host





Alicia Britt Chole

Ruth Hasselgren

Melinda Henderson


15-16 November, 2019
Vienna, Austria

Austria Center

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